We are very excited to announce that there will be a GoBMXing Day ride in Sydney in 2016.

We’d like to thank Aaron for taking the ball and running with it. Due to scheduling issues it can’t be run on the same date as Melbourne or Brisbane this year, so it will be held the following Sunday.

It’s early days yet but here are some rough details.

The date will be 20th November 2016 and it will be held Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush NSW.

Ok NSW, mark your calendars and keep your eyes and ears peeled, from what we hear the Sydney GoBMXing Days is going to be a celebration to remember.

About Go BMXing Day

Go BMXing Day is an event to celebrate BMX, plain and simple. It has no official ties to any BMXing body, apart from the two bodies that put their necks out to start something a little different, an organised but unofficial BMX social event.

Bruce Morris (Brisbane) and Shane Jenkins (Melbourne) are long time BMXers who are both so passionate about BMX you can hear it in their breath. When the two of them were discussing the world of BMX, life and everything else Go BMXing Day was born.

The 2016 event is definitely on the cards again for Melbourne and Brisbane it will be on Sunday 13 November. Sydney has been added to the line up for 2016 and will be on 20 November. On 14 November BMX celebrates 46 years, so it’s only fitting that we find the closest weekend and roll with it.

If you want to get involved in the event, start a ride up in your local area or just generally talk BMX check out the website at gobmxingday.com or the Facebook page atwww.facebook.com/gobmxingday

While you are at the website don’t forget to check out the riding spot locator, it’s a work in progress but is building up to be a great resource for riders looking for a place to ride.